Fojcik Transport LTD

Welcome to Fojcik- TRANSPORT Ltd. Company

FOJCIK-TRANSPORT Ltd., which headquarter is in Marklowice, is one of the leading companies connected with transport services, both on the domestic and international market.

Our main qualities are:

  • Professionalism - highly qualified drivers and carriers can be proud of thair many years work-experience and are the best guarantee of the first rate services.
  • Reliability - each order has got signs of the high quality and precisiness.
  • Punctuality - we do not know what „the delay” means. Each order is done immediately thanks to the most appropriate truck and the most modern equipment.
  • Modernity - all the cars we use are extremely professional and they live up to very strict norms of the European Union about exhaust fumes.
  • Unique attitude to the customer - each of our customers is equally important to us therefore each order is treated individually from the very beginning.

About Fojcik-TRANSPORT Ltd.

FOJCIK- TRANSPORT Ltd. was founded by Jerzy Fojcik in 1973. At the beginning, the company was known only on the domestic market. However, since 1998 it has made its offer much wider due to the international transport services. In 2007 its rapid developement succeeded in turning the one-person activity into the limited liability company.


We can assure you a very wide range of service connected with transport, such as:

the services both in the country and abroad, thanks to:
- standard articulated lorries,
- tow trucks.

The shipping services all over the Europe

The self-service of cars and trucks:
- renovating service,
- painting service,
- mechanic service.

Contact us

44-321 Marklowice
Wiosny Ludów 21 Street

Tel.: +48 32 455 01 89
Fax.: +48 32 453 08 87
Mobile: +48 602 254 554


NIP: PL6391903518
KRS: 0000269976
The copmany's capital: 50 000,00 PLN

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